Wednesday, November 2, 2011

About the contest...

Name of contest: Change a Life

The idea: I will find 20 people on Stardoll who are either miserable or unhappy (I will find them from Stardoll and ask if they will want to be a part of this, and their will be applications) and then assign the top 20 people who want to make someones life on Stardoll better (I will pick them through application). So their task will be to make the miserable people feel amazing and like they have a good life on Stardoll! They will have a month to do so, and every week we shall check in with the unhappy people and see how they are doing and if they feel any better. If you do a bad job for 2 weeks in a row, you are OUT. Now of course your client MUST be honest. Like by stating things you did for them and such. (ex: Let them write for a blog, get them a gift, etc.) The winner will receive amazing prizes but the biggest prize will be the fact that they helped changed someones Stardoll life. The prizes also include 100 Stardollars, a one of a kind Stardesign shirt that indicates that they won the first "Change a Life", and you will also be a guest writer for a blog (I am currently still looking for the blog)


Make a life better person application:

Stardoll username:
Why do you want to do this? (BE HONEST)
Are you doing this the slightest bit for the prize? (BE HONEST)
How could you help?

Miserable person application:
Stardoll username:
Why are you miserable? (BE HONEST)

And if you would like to be the person who offers a spot for a week on a blog for the winner, write the blogs name in comments :)


PS: Any questions, GB me on my account on Stardoll